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The AFB is delighted to welcome Banking Circle as a new member

Banking Circle is a Payments bank for the new economy – delivering payments and banking services by connecting to the world’s clearing systems.  Through Banking Circle, Banks, Payments businesses and Marketplaces can access a range of global services including multi-currency bank accounts, cross-border payments and FX – all underpinned by market-leading compliance and security.  As a fully-licenced bank, our solutions power the payments propositions of more than 200 clients, including Stripe, Alibaba, and PaymentSense.  Through our API, we deliver fast, low cost global payments and banking services by connecting to the world’s clearing systems – enabling our clients to move liquidity in real-time for all major currencies securely and compliantly, and to gain geographic reach and access to the markets their own customers want to trade in.  Built on cloud-based, flexible technology, Banking Circle is free from legacy issues and provides a modern payment solution, enabling financial institutions to get as close to the clearing as possible.

Banking Circle is a Banking Circle Group company. A next-generation financial technology platform for global commerce, Banking Circle Group comprises a rich set of complementary e-commerce solutions. From global cross-border payments, accounts and liquidity management and embedded finance to business payments & card issuing, B2B Buy Now Pay Later and account-to-account payment methods, the ecosystem is delivering modern financial solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies around the world, as they accelerate digitalisation of their customer and supply-chain.

You can visit their website here.