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The AFB delivers over 60 highly sought-after events throughout the year for its members, the vast majority of which are included in the yearly membership. In addition to the CEO Programme and accredited training activities, the AFB’s portfolio of events currently offers: Conferences, Practice Workshops, Expert Panels and Seminars which are led by the AFB’s Practice & Events Team. Output Papers are published after every Expert Panel event and housed in the AFB’s Resource Library.   In addition, the AFB holds special events such as the Mansion House Lunch and Annual Banquet.

The AFB works with carefully selected, highly-skilled partners to deliver these events across our eight platform model. Each platform has a corresponding Advisory Committee which is composed of up to 8 senior bankers representing a diverse cross-section of our membership base.  Their purpose is to provide assurance that the AFB is meeting the technical and regulatory needs of the wider membership.

The AFB has an extensive Resource Library and publishes Output Papers after each Expert Panel event summarising the discussions and findings, which are held under the Chatham House Rule.  The library also houses Briefing papers which focus on particular topics of interest to members.

Due to the pandemic, all events are held virtually and will continue to do so until current restrictions are lifted and it is declared safe to meet in person.


Resource Library

The AFB has a comprehensive publication library including Expert Panel Output Papers, Webinar Recordings, Briefing Papers, Surveys, Policy Consultation Responses, Submissions and other publications of interest to the AFB membership.

Expert Panel Output Papers reflect the discussions amongst industry subject matter experts on technical and regulatory issues impacting foreign banks.  Briefing papers provide an expert update on the latest topics/trends and issues impacting foreign banks.  Expert Panel Output Papers and Briefing papers are available to all members and are included in the membership subscription.


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Events and Practice Team

If you would like to find out more about the AFB Practice and Events Programme, please get in touch.

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