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The AFB provides c200 Member Banks (including more than half of foreign G-SIBs) with unparalleled access and influence, practice and expertise, profile and impact.  Almost all of our offer (including all Seminars, Conferences, Output Papers and Policy& Regulatory Affairs work) is included in a single membership subscription; so you pay only once to receive all of the following benefits.


Access and Influence

INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP: The AFB provides c.200 Member Banks (including more than half of foreign G-SIBs) with unparalleled access to government, policy-makers & regulators.  We collect, aggregate & represent your views and opinions to help shape & influence the political & regulatory agenda on your behalf.  Our dedicated Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team advocates across a wide range of banking regulators, policy-makers & other stakeholders.  Our Policy & Regulatory Member Network is the largest in the foreign banking industry.

Practice and Expertise

INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP: The AFB works hand-in-glove with Members and Stakeholders to anticipate relevant industry trends – & to analyse & share technical & market data & intelligence.  We provide highly-specialist expertise & guidance at over 70 High Value Practice events every year, as well best practice networking & operational support.  This is deep, practical expertise & training – directly implementable & value-adding ‘Back@Bank’.  Our Practice & Events Team works with best-in-class industry experts & advisors to deliver our products are delivered across Eight Practice Platforms, aligned with the SMCR & advised in each case by a member-led Platform Advisory Committee.

Profile and Impact

INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP: The AFB amplifies the profile & impact of foreign banks in the UK, supporting brand-building and business development – and ensuring the contribution of the sector is profiled, recognised and understood.  Our Member & Stakeholder Engagement Team works with members, partners, sponsors, politicians & media platforms to ensure member banks’ value is profiled to a wider audience.  Unique to the AFB, our Member Engagement Reports are produced for every member bank each year, helping them to drive the maximum possible value from their AFB Membership.

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Membership is open to all foreign banks with a presence in the UK

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