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AFB Virtual Heads of Legal Expert Panel – Personal Data Flows Without Boundaries: Navigating EU/UK Data Export Restrictions

Last year saw significant developments in the area of data exports including the EU's new draft standard contractual clauses, draft UK adequacy agreements and guidance on applying the Schrems II judgment. 

AFB Virtual Seminar: Sanctions Screening for Trade Finance Transactions
Is your sanction screening up to scratch? The nature of trade finance with international exposure and high values can make it a major channel for inadvertently funding terrorists, providing capital and restricted goods to sanctioned parties and laundering the funds of criminals. It is therefore essential that foreign banks have
AFB Virtual Internal Audit Expert Panel – Effective Internal Audit Arrangements

Regulatory scrutiny over Internal Audit functions in the UK has not slowed down due to Covid, and neither is the focus solely on UK headquartered companies or G-SIBs. The UK regulators want assurance that all firms have effective internal audit capabilities to help strengthen the Three Lines of Defence Model and protect the broader sector.

AFB Virtual Seminar: AFB Future of Work Series – Finance & Risk 16.6.21

Lockdown restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 significantly impacted the traditional operating models maintained by financial services firms. As we now transition out of lockdown, firms must  begin to reassess the appropriateness of their historic operating models in light of the changes COVID-19 has brought about to our working arrangements. 

AFB Virtual Seminar: AFB ESG Series: Climate Risk – Governance, Frameworks & Sustainability

According to the latest GARP survey, nearly 90% of board members have an oversight of climate risks and opportunities but many firms struggle to operationalise their climate risk framework.

CEO Round Up
AFB Virtual Practice Workshop: Effective Preparation for EMIR Reporting

Since 2014, EEA based foreign banks have been caught by the complex derivative reporting requirement in EMIR.  Impacted foreign banks need to report not only the reporting of trade execution, but also any updates to that trade until its closure, and potentially collateral, valuation and position reports too. 

Looking at Conduct through the Lens of Culture Training Course
Instead of focusing only on the various regulatory rules that are in place, this course considers how the culture of a firm, however positive it may be, may give rise to misconduct - both intentional and unintentional.