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Appointment of New Board Members

The AFB AGM will be held on 26 May 2021.

The AGM notice includes a call for nominations for individuals to serve as non-executive directors on the AFB’s Board.  The AFB’s Articles of Association say that “any person who is willing to act as a director, and is permitted by law to do so, may be appointed to be a director by ordinary resolution of the members”.

There are two vacancies.  Board members typically are senior bankers (CEO/Branch GM) who can bring deep expertise and significant Board-level experience and/or experience of highly distinguished public service. They will usually have served as a non-executive director before.

The current Board has an express desire for diversity on the Board in terms of (1) gender (2) geographic base and (3) size of bank.  Accordingly, we would be especially encouraged to receive nominations from women.  I do hope that you will consider nominating yourself or one of your colleagues, particularly if they fulfil these criteria.  All nominations will be subject to election at the AGM itself.  If more than two nominations are received, the election will be competitive.

Nominations for Board membership must be made by 13 May 2021.  Each nominator should submit a short paragraph (around 250 – 300 words) that explains who they are nominating and why.  The submission should be suitable for inclusion in the AGM papers.   Self-nominations are allowed – but if you are nominating someone else you should indicate that your nominee has confirmed that they are willing to stand.

The AFB will issue election papers to all member bank CEOs on 20 May.  Further details of the election process will be issued with the election papers at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact the AFB team on