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The AFB Introduces a new Business Model for its Members

The AFB implemented a new Business Model from January 2021.  The decision to implement the new model was taken at the AFB Board meeting on 8 December 2020 after careful consultation and communication with member bank CEOs.

The new Business Model is one in which members will pay a higher membership subscription in exchange for INCLUSIVE attendance at almost all AFB events: this will include all Expert Panels, Briefings, Conferences and Seminars, as well as all Policy and Regulatory Affairs meetings.  Workshops and Flagship Events (the CEO Programme, Mansion House Lunch and Annual Banquet) will remain chargeable.

As you are aware, the AFB is a non-profit making organisation.  Our sole purpose is to serve our members and our revenue is used solely on your behalf to deliver content and value: this takes the form of various events, as well as policy and regulatory activities and advocacy work.  We believe the new model will increase the value we bring to member banks. 

In summary, we believe the new model will bring members enhanced access to expertise via AFB’s many events; and a more level “playing field” for all banks, with both small and larger banks enabled to attend events more easily.  Member banks will benefit from an increased focus on “quality not quantity” of events – and value-for-money will increase due to the fact that more AFB time and resource will be dedicated to activities that directly deliver member value.  We believe you will also have access to a further increased roster of very high quality speakers who will be attracted by higher audience numbers.  

The AFB will roll out the new business model from January 2021 and we look forward to continuing to grow the service and value for money we provide to foreign banks in the UK.