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AFB’s New Business Model and its Impact on Briefings and Events

The AFB is making a change following the introduction of its new business model. 

The new business model means that all AFB Seminars are now delivered inclusively as part of each Bank’s Membership Subscription.  Anyone, from any member bank, can attend any Seminar without paying any additional attendance fee.  This change has been extremely popular and has resulted in a 40% increase in attendance at seminars.

The change to our business model means that the distinction between ‘Briefings’ and ‘Seminars’ is almost entirely diminished, as we seek to make more and more of our content available to more and more of our members.

As a result, we have agreed with the AFB Briefings Chairs that all Briefings will be discontinued in their current form.  Instead we will deliver all content via free-to-attend Seminars that are open to all members. 

All of us at the AFB would like to acknowledge with gratitude the role the AFB Briefings Chairs have played.  I would like to express my personal gratitude for their dedicated service in identifying many excellent items of subject matter that have been presented at ‘Briefings’ that they have chaired. 

We are delighted to note that the eight Platform Advisory Committees (AdComs) have been working very well to identify subject topics for our Seminars.  Going forward, these are the most appropriate fora for topic ideas to be bought forward so that the AFB can be truly “member led”.  Please be assured, however, that any work the Briefings Chairs have undertaken so far this year to identify Briefings topics will not be wasted.  In fact, quite the contrary is true, because the topics will be delivered as Seminars instead, meaning that even more members will have the option to attend and benefit from the subject matter.

We hope you agree that this change makes sense and that it is yet another step along the road of making even more content available to even more members.