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Who we are

The Association of Foreign Banks (AFB) represents the foreign banking sector providing financial services throughout the UK, but mainly in London, through branches, subsidiaries and representative offices. The AFB provides a forum for the sharing of information on industry issues for the mutual benefit of foreign banks operating in and out of the UK and makes representations to industry, government, regulatory bodies and other financial services organisations to ensure the attainment of good banking practice.

The foreign banks concerned engage in a wide range of banking and international business activity in the UK primarily in the wholesale banking markets. They make a significant contribution to London's standing as a major global financial centre and to the depth and breadth of the European Financial Markets facilitating trade across the Community. Member banks and their affiliated organisations range from the largest with several thousand staff to the smallest with ten or less staff.

The principal activities of the Association include: 

  • Regular communication with Regulatory and Idustry bodies
  • Producing guidance on relevant topics in partnership with professional firms and other Trade Associations
  • Participation in industry working parties groups and committees
  • Organising topical conferences, seminars and events for our Members, including networking opportunities
  • Facilitating industry surveys on relevant and topical matters.

Lord Mayor's Appeal - City Giving Day 2016

The AFB continues to support The Lord Mayor's Appeal - City Giving Day - 27 September 2016, please see the attached link for further details.

As per last year there is an early bird registration date for businesses to sign up - 31 July. Those businesses that do will go into thedraw to win a visit from the Lord Mayor on the day.