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Expert Panels consist of invited senior members of the banking industry, who meet as experts in a “round-table” format to discuss burning issues with industry specialists.  After the Expert Panel meetings, the output from the event is shared with the rest of the membership in an Expert Panel Output Paper. One senior representative per bank can join an Expert Panel event. The expected attendance at an Expert Panel meeting can be anywhere between 15 to 30 persons and the events are between one hour and a quarter and one hour and a half in duration.  Expert Panels are included as part of the membership subscription.

The AFB has 5 Expert Panels in the following topic areas: Compliance, Financial Crime, Legal, Internal Audit and Operational Risk.  Further information can be found below.

Compliance Expert Panel

Chair: Bharat Samani, BBVA

The AFB’s Compliance Expert Panels are helping to strengthen compliance frameworks, address supervisory issues and enhance solid practices for foreign bank members, enabling them to keep ahead of ever-changing laws and regulations across many different jurisdictions.

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Financial Crime Expert Panel

Chair: Marianna Leskiv-Briggs, Rabobank

A robust AML and anti-fraud strategy requires time, resource and investment.  The AFB’s Financial Crime Expert Panels are helping foreign bank members to underpin a solid infrastructure for governance, effective risk procedures and adequate internal controls to avoid siloed decisions and effectively manage financial crime risk.

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Financial Crime

Heads of Legal Expert Panel

Chair: David Ridl, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Foreign banks have to navigate a range of different legal jurisdictions across the world and keep in line with UK law and process at the same time.  The AFB’s Heads of Legal Expert Panels share specialist knowledge and legal expertise to help drive member banks businesses forward and keep them well-informed to make intelligent decisions.

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Heads of Internal Audit Expert Panel

Chair: Vincent Francois, Société Générale

Internal Audit encompasses the financial and non-financial activities of the bank and the AFB’s Heads of Internal Audit Panels help to keep this function at the centre of good corporate governance, providing assurance to the Board and all relevant stakeholders.

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Operational Risk Expert Panel

Chair: Michael Grimwade, ICBC Standard Bank

The complexity of operational risk is increasing exponentially The AFB’s Operational Risk Expert Panels equip members to have a better understanding of the principles, governance structures, systems and procedures that promote a culture of successful operational risk management.

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